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Monday, November 3, 2008

ONU Fire Women!

So, this past weekend I traveled with my gospel choir from school. We went to Reed City, Mi.....home of Yoplait yogurt! That's right haha. The host family that myself and 5 other girls stayed with were so nice...simply amazing. The husband is a volunteer firefighter, so he took us to the fire station to show us around. We were able to try on all the equipment and even go for a ride on the truck. It was really one of the neatest experiences I've been a part of. How often can you say that you've been able to try on their uniform, gas mask, or even take a ride in the truck? Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment :)

Let me leave you with some lyrics from a song we sang this's really been speaking to me lately in my life, and I hope it does the same for you.

above all
all you can ask or think
according to the power
that worketh in you

God is able to do just what he said he would do
He's gonna fullfill every promise to you
don't give up on God
cause He won't give up on you
He's able

How amazing is it to have a God that will never give up on us? That no matter how many times we run from him and don't trust him, he is trying harder then ever to move heaven and earth for us to be free?
Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween to remember..........

It's tradition here at school that the President of my university will open his house up to any students who would like to come on over. Let it be said that our President, Dr. Bowling is a well liked man here, and always has the insight of a genius. I feel like every time I am around him I should have a pen and pencil in my hands, just so I can write down his profound thoughts! haha!

So last night it just so happened that myself and a group of friends did not feel like dressing up for Halloween or even participating in any of the events, so we just moseyed on over to the Bowlings home. Jill his wife greeted us at the door, and let us in. It just so happened that the Bowlings had some friends in from out of town, that came in to surprise Jill for her birthday.

They asked us to sing a few songs, which we did of course. I mean, you can't exactly say no to the President and his guests. Then we sat around and talked for an hour and a half. Let me repeat hour and a half. With the President and his guests. haha! It was neat to hear about all of their old memories here at Olivet, and the memories they shared together. Bowling at one point talked about how we need to live each day focusing just on that day. We need to live life to the greatest we can possibly live it....profound I tell you....maybe not in my words, but coming out of his mouth it was like food for my soul! haha!

Needless to say it was a great night all in all, and something that I will remember for a long time. When we were making our way out Dr. Bowling spoke up and said, in these words, "I would love to do this again. Please email me and we will set up another time soon!" He loved us! haha!

So on a latter note I've decided to live each day focusing just on that day. I don't have control over what is going to happen the next day or the next, and that's not always easy to accept, not being in control of your future. But I've realized that you will never be content in life if you are always worrying about the future and where you are going to end up.