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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm pretty certain none of the following is going to make sense to anyone, but nonetheless this is my blog and I can rant away if I would like :)

How can you be so certain of something......something you've never even experienced? But yet it plays through you like your favorite's like having your favorite cereal in the's just amazing. It's just's you and all that's around you. You can't explain it, nor would you really like to, because that would just make it all a string of messes. You want to believe that this thing you are so certain of is the right's the thing that makes the world go round.....the thing that makes you live and function as a person. This something is the in all be all of everything around you and then you go and push it away. It's like watching a train wreck happen. You see the person standing on the tracks, you're the conductor, the train is going to fast, you know you can't possibly slow down, and there it goes...the person on the tracks is your something, and you could do nothing to stop yourself from causing the accident.

There are times when I am so certain of one of my somethings that I can't possibly imagine how someone couldn't feel just as certain. How could you not hear your favorite song playing through you all day......or go through the morning with the content feeling in you like you've just experienced your favorite cereal? I am so ready for a something....a certain come in and crash my be that thrill of a roller just make my world go round.
Thursday, October 23, 2008

It all clicked......

You know those people.....the people that are loud, obnoxious, and burst open with something to say at any moment you give them. I have come in contact with a person like this recently, and it wasn't long after meeting them that I had a new realization of why they acted the way they did. We were sitting around.....said person raised their hand......was called on.....and begin the outflow of their life. The outflow of things that consumed their inner thoughts and feelings......things we were unaware of. They told of a hurt family member....a sick family member.....a dying family member...the responsibility they would soon have to live up to.
And then it all clicked! It all became clear as to why this person acted the way they do. And maybe this is all in my mind, or maybe even it's just what I want to believe, because I no longer want this person to be the loud, obnoxious, burst open with something to say at any moment you give them, person to me anymore. But how can they sit back and not burst open with how they're feeling and the hurt they've encountered......instead they try to be the funny person....the loud person.....the obnoxious person....just so they don't have to sit back and be silent with their own thoughts. Now again, this might just be my thoughts racing a mile a minute....but I would love to have this be the reason.
So now as I encounter this person I will just consume them with love and humble myself, instead of using the words I once used behind their back.
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our movement......

At this moment I've decide that I, myself, with you, want to start a movement. Not just any movement, but an abrupt, confident, movement . Through this change I want people to see how beautiful it can be and that it makes people once again believe in change, and the power of change, the sweetness of innocence, and that one may find a reason to have hope once again. I want people to see the power of compassion, and see no room for condemnation. I want their vision to see beyond the “mess” and see the potential that really lies beneath. I want people to no longer mistake infatuation for love, but instead see the unconditional complexity that love actually is. Love is beautiful and moving; It is a commitment that should never be cheapened. I want to put real, true love back in peoples' lives. I want people to see that they have enough power in their words to move mountains, and to restore someone’s faith. I want to do something so bold that it moves someone past their seated position and into a an act of service. I want to show the beauty in humility. I envision morality being normalcy. I see people reaching for the moon instead of settling for what is at arm‘s length. I want no one to feel worthless or unloved, but special, unique, and valuable to this world. I want people to be so joyful in their own reality that they need no way of escaping. They do not need an artificial source of contentment, because they’re just that happy in themselves. I want the sound of true laughter back in our lives.

I want this movement to begin here and now in me and you. I want it to spark and then catch on like wildfire. Is it too hard to reach?! I don‘t think so. I think it's right under our noses.

I believe it’s possible.
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's funny to me just how much you can get accomplished in the shower....

1. You can comtemplate life
ex. Have a lot on your mind? Need to think things through but can't really find the time to do so without any interruptions....the shower is the perfect place. This is where I think about what direction I'm going in I in the right I really know everything (haha that's the normal debate)....or should I say yes or no. This is the time when I stand there for so long thinking that I realize I've just spent 15 minutes contemplating and now theres a chance that my roommate won't have any hot water.
2. You can cry without people running to console you
ex. It's always nice to have a shoulder to cry on, but sometimes you just need to cry alone, to be able to get it all out and be ok. Sometimes you just want to cry without hearing I'm sorry and are you ok.
3. You get zestfully clean
ex. There's nothing like a great smelling shampoo or conditioner to just put you in a great mood.

And once you're done you come out so fresh and clean and feel renewed after you left so much baggage and dirt in the shower......literally......The End! :)