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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I am no longer sick - Most of you probably hadn't noticed that I had not had a new post in a while....and I forgive those of you that didn't even notice. But I just returned from my long trek from hell. The past week I have been extremely sick. Well, what I consider extremely sick. A minor runny nose to you is death to me. I never get sick so I don't know how to deal with the smallest illness. And it really put a damper on my running as well. Since I'm a newbie at running I've never experienced trying to run when you can't breath out of your nose. It feels like someone is suffocating you and your legs feel like elephant stumps. But alas, all is well now and I'm back into blog world. For now at least :) And I also have been back to running for the last few days.....I'm back up to 1.3 miles. Will I ever run further????

2. I lost something very close to me today -

Yes I exaggerate everything, but just agree with me. Today I wanted to wear my Orioles tshirt and I couldn't find it anywhere. Then I realized I gave it to a friend a while ago and I never got it back. Somehow I forgot that I had spoke to him about this already before and he said he doesn't know where it is. It's like I had to live the pain all over again. You know that moment you have when you don't use something for a very long time and then you realize you've lost it or given it away and then all of a sudden it's like that's the only thing that matters in the world to you? I really need to get my priorities in order.

3. Qi Zuo - I would like to introduce you to my new sponsor child. His name is Qi Zuo and he is six years old. For $30 bucks a month I am able to help provide basic needs for him and help make it possible for him to have a secure, stable environment that offers love and care. I have come to the conclusion that if I am going to support pro life then I must be willing to help take care of the children that come into this world because of it. You can visit for more information on sponsoring a child of your very own.


Caroline said...

welcome back!! Very funny post...I did think you were going to say you lost a family member, but I understand ;) the loss of favorite clothing is dramatic.