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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A New Chapter

The time is soon approaching when I will have to face this great wide world on my own, and it's only when I place my understanding in the peace that God will direct my path that I am ok with all of the feelings I am experiencing. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. One day I am like a giddy school girl thinking about going out and experiencing things first hand on my own. And then the following day I quiver up with fear of all the unknowns. Decisions are needing to be made very soon, and as much as I want to have the answers right away, I know that is most important to take it to God. He will direct me and let me know where I need to go, and what direction will work best in the plan that he has for me.

In all of the going to God, it is easy to still want what I want and be selfish about it. There have been many of times where I wanted to completely go against what God was telling me to do, because selfishly I wanted to fulfill my desires and that time, and not on his. It has only been of late that I have realized that God is opening his hands and fulfilling my desires one at a time.....on HIS time. I am content in this now, because I am reminded that God would not have placed a passion or a desire in my heart if he didn't intend to fully follow through with it.

I say all of this because it sets my foundation and building blocks for having and living a fulfilling life. I want to experience the world, I want to laugh without seizing, I want to smile at the little things in life. Granted, I have been doing all of these things....but now I have been reminded of the abundance grace God has on me, and how much of life he wants me to experience. He doesn't want me to worry about anything, but to come to him and talk it out. What a mighty God we serve! A God who wants all things good for us! Amen~

side note: can we please go dancing again girls? :)


meesa4ever said...

I remember being at a moment like that... January just when my field placement started, graduation around the corner, no place to stay... But God fulfilled his promise all I had to do was trust in Him. He will take care of you of this I promise :-)

I remember 4 years ago choir tour, when we staid in the basement of the family with those little dogs. That was fun! I haven't talked to you in ages, how are you? Where do you have your field placement set up?
Well have a Happy new year!