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Monday, November 25, 2013

Let's do this

I'm baaaaack!! And I'm roaring to go!!

So many changes have happened in my life, but one of the biggest is my new gym membership I got.  It's not your typical run of the mill's an athletic club, and it's costing me $59 a month.  For that price I better be damn committed. 

I've decided here and now that it's time to claim my health back again.  It comes at a time where I am focusing on myself and the things that will only bring positivity into my life.  It comes at a time where I have just cancelled my wedding three months ago, and I am forced into figuring out who I am again and what role my life plays. 

Sure I've tried to lose weight before, but I was never committed.  I just did it because I thought that's what everyone else wanted for me and I wanted to make them happy.  But it's just me this time.  It's just my happiness and approval and pride on the line. 

I went to a class last week at the gym and at the end of the class the instructor came up to me and said "I hope this doesn't sound too forward, but you're really not that overweight.  If you keep it up you are going to look amazing in no time."  I laughed so hard and told her it's no secret I'm overweight, but that it really helped my confidence in hearing that.  She can see progress in me before I've even started.  Bring it on!

So I'm simply starting this blog up to keep myself accountable.  I am currently 209 on the scale and looking forward to seeing that number go down :)


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Michael said...

Welcome back! That is awesome that the instructor came and said that to you! Keep it up! You will be looking and feeling fantastic in no time!

Finnbalor654 said...

You're a straight up slut bag