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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Why am I always thankful for the end of the day? Is my life really that stressful that I long for the end of the day to come? I think not.....what I really think is that I have gotten caught up in the American way of whining and complaining. We have it easy. I have it easy. And I should remember that. Did things go wrong today? Oh car over heated AGAIN.
Me and my car.......OH, I'm not Kristen Bell?
When was someone going to tell me?
I did find this jewel today, and besides them only filling the Nutella side half way up, it was pretty darn delish. I will say that I was more bummed about being jipped out of my Nutella then I was about my car overheating. I think this tells you how my priorities in life go.
So all I'm getting at is my car overheating and my half filled Nutella is not the end of the world. I'm going to have things that happen everyday that are frustrating to me, and I shouldn't just wish those days to be over.