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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey all!!

I know I's been forever. I will admit, blogging got to be a bit much for me. I don't think that I have the patience or motivation to get on here everyday, or even every other day to update others on what is going on in my life. But....I will use this today as my reason to vent for what has become a roadblock in my life.

Lets travel back to last week.....I was at the gym running when out of nowhere there was this intense pain on the left side of my left foot. I tried to ignore it, but in no time it brought me to my knees and I couldn't even walk. I had been going to the gym periodically every couple of days, but I haven't kept up with my running in the last month because work got a little crazy busy. So I was excited to get back into a running schedule. I tried to walk the next few days and found it near impossible, so I gave in and called the doctor. Turns out I have a STRESS FRACTURE...and will be in a boot for 8 WEEKS!!!! How is this even possible?? I didn't even do anything fun or cool to get this fracture.

So it seems that I have a new roadblock keeping me from running. It's always something it seems!!! I don't know whether to cry or laugh, but I know either way that it's not going to keep me out of the gym. I will be on a bike and doing weights...that is for sure!

Any advice out there about how to keep active when there is an injury involved????


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Do you have any lap pools? Will you be able to ride a bike?

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

No lap pools, but the doc says I can ride the bike, so I think that's what I will do.

theAlmostRunner said...

Are you kidding!? Stress fracture... wow. You're gonna need to bike, then. So sorry about this!

Fruit Fly said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds really painful. I guess maybe you could make some sort of slip cover to fashion up the boot a little? I'm with Rose - visit the pool! It is fun, you don't notice when you are really hot and you still get a nice workout!

Jamie said...

on my word! hope the pain's not too bad... :(

Katy @ Fit In Heels said...

Stress Fracture!!! Oh no :( The good thing is if you actually rest it from impact- you will be fine! (Easy for me to say, I know- but the fact you can cycle is amazing). I found your blog through Run with Kate! LOVE the name!!! And I SO feel the same way- I get overwhelmed feeling like I need to blog! I just switched to dynamic view on blogger too- how did you get your comment to look like that?

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

OH geez, that's a bummer. I'm sorry you have this little hiccup. Hopefully it will heal fast and you'll be back to sweating soon. Maybe try swimming? Don't know but that's what a lady at my gym did. Good luck, and hey, maybe now you'll be able to blog more!!! :)