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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Komo Yay?

So it's been a couple months now since I was able to remove the boot from my oh
so lovely stress fracture. I have worked out here and there since having freedom
to do as I wish, but there is this reoccuring fear that the moment I go to run
or do anything physical my foot is just going to burst into pain......meaning
the verdict would once again be that awful, dirty, smelly boot. It gives me
chills just thinking about that ever happening again. Really the boot wasn't
that bad....but no one likes wearing hot black heel boots and one hospital boot
and suck. Really yanks the Fine factor right out beneath you. But like I said, I
have been doing things here and there. I have decided to start taking running
slow again....which means I'm back to the Couch to 5k program. This will have to
do for now, since taking all that time off really depleted my "lungs being able
to not completely fail on me" factor. Slow = better.....the sooner I realize
this, the better life will be.
On another note......I am heading to Haiti
in 2 weeks. I am so excited to go, but I honestly hate preparing to go places.
The packing and just plain sucks. I wish I could
just write out a whole list of what I needed and pay someone to go buy it for me
and pack it all. Actually I'm sure I could pay someone to do that for me....that
would be easy.....but then my mind would be playing all these nasty tricks on me
making me think this person was trying to sabotage me by not packing everything
I need. What is wrong with me! Anyways, in order to get ready for this trip I
took a trip to the Doc today for my meds to go out of the country. I'm such a
procrastinator......but at least I got it done. I'll be honest, I wasn't even
planning on getting the meds they suggested....last time I went to Haiti no one
said I needed any meds. Needless to say my Doc wasn't too happy to find out I
went to Haiti without him knowing and without any meds and I got a whole speal
about Malariah and Hepatitis A from sleeping with Haitians. Hold up
Doc.....Homey don't play that game! Last I knew I was going to Haiti to play
with babies and get dirty in cement....not sleeping with Haitians.
Since my trip is coming up soon I have obviously been thinking about Haiti a lot and
the impact it has had on my life. The last time I went to Haiti was in 2009 when
I was in college. Going there and meeting all of the Haitians at that time in my
life really had a huge impact. I remember meeting a Haitian man and we were
talking and he would just keep asking me to teach him new English words. He was
so intent on learning everything I had to teach him. He just soaked it up.
Surprisingly he already knew a lot of English, as well as a lot of the other
Haitians I had met while I was there. That really struck me. A whole country
that is so desolate....most families live off a $1 a day. Yet they are so hungry
to learn more.....they soak up any knowledge they can. They live in a country
with hardly any resources, but yet they know a different language. But I live in
America, where I have so many resources at the tip of my fingers, but I sit here
only knowing English. What I'm really trying to say can I have so
much available to me, and not take advantage of any of it. It sounds so annoying
to I am physically annoyed with myself. Well I'm off of
here......I've had a knot in my back since I woke up this morning causing me to
hardly be able to breath. So I will either get this knot out or take a sleeping
pill to knock me out.
Adorable, right?
My Haitian friend who loved learning new English


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