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Thursday, October 23, 2008

It all clicked......

You know those people.....the people that are loud, obnoxious, and burst open with something to say at any moment you give them. I have come in contact with a person like this recently, and it wasn't long after meeting them that I had a new realization of why they acted the way they did. We were sitting around.....said person raised their hand......was called on.....and begin the outflow of their life. The outflow of things that consumed their inner thoughts and feelings......things we were unaware of. They told of a hurt family member....a sick family member.....a dying family member...the responsibility they would soon have to live up to.
And then it all clicked! It all became clear as to why this person acted the way they do. And maybe this is all in my mind, or maybe even it's just what I want to believe, because I no longer want this person to be the loud, obnoxious, burst open with something to say at any moment you give them, person to me anymore. But how can they sit back and not burst open with how they're feeling and the hurt they've encountered......instead they try to be the funny person....the loud person.....the obnoxious person....just so they don't have to sit back and be silent with their own thoughts. Now again, this might just be my thoughts racing a mile a minute....but I would love to have this be the reason.
So now as I encounter this person I will just consume them with love and humble myself, instead of using the words I once used behind their back.


busyman said...

thats really good. i have never thought of that. glad you could teach us all something!

busyman said...

ok well i am glad you know me but i dont know you yet... lol what year are you? have we ever met or did i just act like an idiot in one of your classes? lol