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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's funny to me just how much you can get accomplished in the shower....

1. You can comtemplate life
ex. Have a lot on your mind? Need to think things through but can't really find the time to do so without any interruptions....the shower is the perfect place. This is where I think about what direction I'm going in I in the right I really know everything (haha that's the normal debate)....or should I say yes or no. This is the time when I stand there for so long thinking that I realize I've just spent 15 minutes contemplating and now theres a chance that my roommate won't have any hot water.
2. You can cry without people running to console you
ex. It's always nice to have a shoulder to cry on, but sometimes you just need to cry alone, to be able to get it all out and be ok. Sometimes you just want to cry without hearing I'm sorry and are you ok.
3. You get zestfully clean
ex. There's nothing like a great smelling shampoo or conditioner to just put you in a great mood.

And once you're done you come out so fresh and clean and feel renewed after you left so much baggage and dirt in the shower......literally......The End! :)