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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm pretty certain none of the following is going to make sense to anyone, but nonetheless this is my blog and I can rant away if I would like :)

How can you be so certain of something......something you've never even experienced? But yet it plays through you like your favorite's like having your favorite cereal in the's just amazing. It's just's you and all that's around you. You can't explain it, nor would you really like to, because that would just make it all a string of messes. You want to believe that this thing you are so certain of is the right's the thing that makes the world go round.....the thing that makes you live and function as a person. This something is the in all be all of everything around you and then you go and push it away. It's like watching a train wreck happen. You see the person standing on the tracks, you're the conductor, the train is going to fast, you know you can't possibly slow down, and there it goes...the person on the tracks is your something, and you could do nothing to stop yourself from causing the accident.

There are times when I am so certain of one of my somethings that I can't possibly imagine how someone couldn't feel just as certain. How could you not hear your favorite song playing through you all day......or go through the morning with the content feeling in you like you've just experienced your favorite cereal? I am so ready for a something....a certain come in and crash my be that thrill of a roller just make my world go round.


busyman said...


ok... that post is exactly what a blog is all about cuz i nor no one else who reads this will know what the heck your talking about.. but its great because it makes sense to you! haha

i do like the train track analogy.. if thats what it is... just an analogy... or maybe you really did run someone over with a train... ha

blog til your heart is content!

busyman said...


i just read thru it again and i get it! i freaking get it! i dont get your something but i get my something.

such a lightbulb moment. brilliant post... so confusing unless you really know what the something is that your looking for!

and now the train track accident REALLY makes sense.

love it.