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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our movement......

At this moment I've decide that I, myself, with you, want to start a movement. Not just any movement, but an abrupt, confident, movement . Through this change I want people to see how beautiful it can be and that it makes people once again believe in change, and the power of change, the sweetness of innocence, and that one may find a reason to have hope once again. I want people to see the power of compassion, and see no room for condemnation. I want their vision to see beyond the “mess” and see the potential that really lies beneath. I want people to no longer mistake infatuation for love, but instead see the unconditional complexity that love actually is. Love is beautiful and moving; It is a commitment that should never be cheapened. I want to put real, true love back in peoples' lives. I want people to see that they have enough power in their words to move mountains, and to restore someone’s faith. I want to do something so bold that it moves someone past their seated position and into a an act of service. I want to show the beauty in humility. I envision morality being normalcy. I see people reaching for the moon instead of settling for what is at arm‘s length. I want no one to feel worthless or unloved, but special, unique, and valuable to this world. I want people to be so joyful in their own reality that they need no way of escaping. They do not need an artificial source of contentment, because they’re just that happy in themselves. I want the sound of true laughter back in our lives.

I want this movement to begin here and now in me and you. I want it to spark and then catch on like wildfire. Is it too hard to reach?! I don‘t think so. I think it's right under our noses.

I believe it’s possible.


busyman said...


this post is amazing. seriously your point about looking past the "mess" gave me the chills. so well said!

just to let you know i will be reading/stalking your blog too! : )

busyman said...

I'm still waiting for another amazing post! Please don't make us wait to long!! : )