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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Shananigans

Just a quick "fitness" update: I accomplished doing Jillian this morning. I felt really good after and knew it was going to be a good day. I am having a hard time deciding whether or not to eat anything before working out in the morning. I know that if I don't I am able to burn more of this fat on my body, but sometimes if I don't I end up feeling nausea's. Do you eat before working out in the morning?

Today was my Dad's fiftieth birthday. As a tribute I sent him the snl skit with Molly Shannon.

To celebrate his fifty years of life....of which he responds he doesn't feel a day older than 25 and had to remind us all that his girlfriend is 12 years younger them him. Go dad? Anyways, in order to celebrate his birth we went to Redwood Lodge. Yummy food. But you leave with guilt. It was too expensive for this wallet. The tab came to be around 235 for 6 people. How did we let this happen? Here are a few lovelies from the night:

My side salad with yummy walnuts and dried cranberries. And my last diet coke until lent is over. I'm hoping it will give me the kick in the butt that I need to quit the habit altogether. Also, these picture are crap because my dad made it known to me that it is rude to take pictures with your flash while others are trying to enjoy their meal. Noted, dad, noted.

There are so many meals to choose from at this restaurant, which is never good for an indecisive person like myself. But I narrowed it down to one finally......shrimp and scallop scampi with a lemon dressing over linguini. It was delish.

Here are a couple pictures of my lovely family and I:

My brother and his gorgeous girlfriend.
She's the kinda gorgeous you want to hate
her for, but she's just too nice to hate.

My Dad and I. Not the best picture, but the only
one I have of the both of us.

My Aunt and Uncle

In short, I was blessed to be able to celebrate my dad's birthday with him. This is the first year in long time that I have been home to celebrate with him since I had been away at college. I am blessed to call him my dad, and for all he has done for me. I can honestly say for a fact that I really do not know where I would be without him. Because he listens to me I know that I have something to say. Because he believes in me, I believe in myself. He's one in a million.

I have more to write, but I have come down with a case of the hiccups, and I must put a stop to them.

Don't forget to click on my cupcake marathon link. It's a fun way to get in your miles and possible when fun prizes!


theAlmostRunner said...

"noted, dad, noted."

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

Steph did you notice my last line? "possible when prizes"....definitely meant to write "possibly win prizes" thats what I get for no spell check.

Jennie Buys said...

Love your blogs ( : and I say yes you should eat a little something before you work out.. Eat some instant oatmeal or maybe dink a slim fast.. But a little something is probably best.. We need to get together again soon : ) ttys♥

Rose said...

Your jack and jill costume is AWESOME. Oh yeah.

I never eat before working out in the morning. I'm sure that's terrible, but whatever.

Kiley said...

Hey, you asked a question on my blog about getting emails...honestly, I don't know! I have been blogging for a while but I've never thought about that.

MAYBE you could hit the "subscribe to: post comments" at the bottom of the actual post (not just the home page). ??? That's my best guess

theAlmostRunner said...

we did go to franklin, but we were in a different area.

and i did see "possible when prizes," and i puked, too.