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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've caught the bug

It's fair to say that I have definitely caught the fitness blog. My friend Steph has fueled my addiction to blogs that I never knew I had. Side note: Steph's blog is thealmostrunner. OBVIOUSLY I'm knew to blogging, because everyone and their mother, besides a rookie blogger like myself, would know how to tag a blog.

Anywho......due to reading every blog under the sun in the past couple of weeks, I have caught the fitness bug. I figured that since I have the desire to start working out, I needed some new workout clothes. It's much easier to get up in the morning to workout when you are feeling cute in your new gear. Well, maybe not easier, but doable.

My lovelies that I picked up while visiting
Steph in Nashville

That's right. See that orange sticker. Orange stickers at Old Navy means CLEARANCE! I'm a sucker for a sale, and it always makes for a good buy when it was something that you needed.

Another lovely

On my way to meet up with Steph and our other girl friends Nina and Kelly in Nashville, I needed some brain food for the plane ride. What better than some fitness magazines. Of course one would never be enough. I opted for five.

So much information, so little time. I left my Shape
magazine with Steph. Hope she is getting some good
knowledge from it.

Tonight I had a date with the butch Jillian Michaels. You heard me. Butch. I know.....disgusted by me, aren't you? My friend told me she thought Jillian Michaels looked butch, and that she didn't want to do her workouts for fear of looking like her. My response was I'd rather look butch and buff then a fatty mcfatterson. 30 day shred....I definitely feel some pulled pork. Actually, that doesn't sound so bad right now....with some sweet bbq sauce. BAH. FOOD.

We have a love/hate relationship. I feel like I'm in a bad relationship.
She will only love me when I shed the pounds.

Well, here's to my weight loss journey, and hoping to keep the bug around long enough to shed the pounds.


theAlmostRunner said...

HAHAHAHAHA i laughed SO loud

Kelly said...

HAHAHAHA I did too!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Oh, the bloggy bug is sooo contagious! welcome to the bloggy fitness running world;-)

It's a great community out there;-)

Niki said...

YAY!! I'm glad youre super motivated:) I'm hoping it rubs off on me!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!!! Welcome to bloggyland! I too have a BL addicition! :)

I signed up for the cupcake challenge as well :) happy running!!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh I love those workout clothes. SUper cute! Nice find. And so glad you caught the bug.

Quick Weight Loss said...

I love it!!