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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Charlie.....

Woke up this morning with the intentions to work out, but as I got out of bed and went to walk my left calf (calve? anyone know) anyways, it was very sore. I had a flashback to the awful charlie horse I got in the middle of the night. I had just thought it was a nightmare I had, but judging from the pain I had this morning, it definitely was reality. So I passed on the workout this morning.

Since I skipped on the workout, I decided to make a lovely "Green Monster". My friend Steph showed me how to make one last weekend when I went to visit her in Nashville. I gathered all my ingredients, put them in the blender, turned the blender on, and then the smell of burnt plastic filled my nostrils. OBVIOUSLY the blender had malfunctioned! I wanted to throw the piece of crap across the room, but instead I just poured my smoothie into a cup, cleaned out the blender, and put it into the cupboard like it had never happened. Out of sight out of mind.....riiight? So I take my smoothie to the couch to enjoy it. What do ya know. Little pieces of plastic all in my smoothie. ugh.


Oh, so I went to look at a car today. Good thing I took my dad with me, since I know zilch about buying a car, because this dealer totally wanted to screw me over. He had been calling me all week to set up an appointment with him. Calling me hun, and sweetie, and telling me I better wear my smile in there. WHAT A PLAYA!

Pretty accurate to the car he wanted to finance me for 400
bucks a month for 2 YEARS! No thanks pal, I'll keep my
92 taurus. You heard me, 92...taurus. Eff my life.

My dad quickly put him in his place, and we were off. Since I was depressed about not finding a car today I decided to get some Big Johns. That's right, I feed my depression with food baahaha.

Forgive me for I have sinned. I had every intention
of giving up pop for lent. I ordered pop. Came home. Put the
straw in. Drank it. Halfway through, I remembered I wanted to
give pop up for lent. Obviously my addiction is worse than I thought
if I can't even make it a couple days without ordering a pop and forgetting
about every intention of giving it up for lent. Of course I finished it though :)

After the morning and afternoon I had, I just needed to take some time to read my bible.
That used car salesman/playa playa definitely gave me non christian thoughts. And I
totally sinned after not staying on my lent decision. Lord help me. I just have so
many cravings :) I don't like to say no to myself :)

The day can only get better though.....I have a date tonight!


Rose said...

I hope your date is AWESOME! Maybe the start of the day had to suck to make up for how awesome your date is going to be?

So, I'm putting together a post to showcase all the awesome costumes people have posted on my giveaway post. Do you want in? If so, could you email me a copy of your Jill picture? rose @@ meiri .. net

theAlmostRunner said...

hahahah this was great. you totally didn't "sin" by drinking that pop. no biggie, girl! ha

good job with the smoothie though...

theAlmostRunner said...

oh and it's definitely CALF

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Have a fab date!!!! Will you post on the awesomeness of your date?

I totally feel you on TM vs. ground. I'm secretly hoping that my speed improves, though I know the ground doesn't have a moving belt like a TM!! ;)

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Happy Friday, AND Happy Date Night;-)

Wanna Be a Skinnie Minnie! said...

New follower here! Hope you have a fabulous time your date! :o)

Kelly said...

you better dish about the date tomorrow!

Nina said...

Please make another blog post and tell me about your running/date. :)

Kelly said...