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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's only Tuesday??

What a week it has been.....already. I have barely had time to sit and think, but I still worked in workouts. Go me!

Friday was my date....if y'all didn't know already. It went stupendously. His name is Ryan. Super gentlemanly. It's a word. Because I say it is. We decided that we would meet in downtown Detroit and eat at a fantastic pizza place called Pizza Papalis.

(Thank you google) This is basically an exact replica of the pizza
that we had. So delish.

Yes, I had a Pepsi that night. I know I know....forgive me for I have sinned. The place was packed. There was a Red Wings game that night, so everyone had to get their share of Pizza Papalis before the game. After we each had two pieces and felt like we needed to be rolled out of the place we left and were on our way to the movies. we were walking down the street and this homeless man was out in a wheelchair. He asked if we had a couple bucks to spare, which obviously I didn't, but Ryan gave him a couple bucks. He then proceeds to acknowledge the fact that this pizza smells amazing and probably would taste amazing too, so Ryan gave him the rest of our boxed up pizza. Totally acceptable. Totally still eatable. Totally germless (not that he would care). And totally warmed my heart. Just the type of thing that I would do!

We finally make it to Ryan's car, and we are on our way to the movies. We went to see Battlefield L.A, which surprisingly I liked and could follow the entire time. That's not likely to happen for me when it comes to action movies, so I was really impressed with myself. Halfway through the movie Ryan leans over and whispers "This isn't a very romantic movie for a first date!" I couldn't help but hackle for a good minute. Then I realized he said FIRST....which of course in the brain of Lauren leads to thinking that he probably wants to go on a second, or third, or fourth. Score!

Besides getting all mushy on you, that was the extent of our date! It was great! It was enjoyable! And I am definitely looking forward to more!

Basically I can't wait trying to think of a day where I have nothing going on after work. BAH. With work, and clients, and YWCA training, and church, and trying to get my workouts in, well, IM EXHAUSTED! I know I shouldn't complain....I am blessed to even be able to have so many things in my life to keep me busy. So that's the end of my complaining.

Ok, off to finish Biggest Loser.....which by the way, has really let me down this season. Here I go complaining again. But I just don't like how they added new through off the whole feel of the show.
Do y'all watch The Biggest Loser? How do you feel about the new changes?


Michael said...

Oh my goodness. That pizza just looks mouth watering!! Yummmmmmy!

theAlmostRunner said...

no biggest loser this season, but i've seen it before. i'm so glad your date went so well! i love you!